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"Whether you are interested in something small or a custom design, Black Water Tattoo & Design is the place for you. Safe, bright pigments, single use needles and outstanding personal customer care. Stop in and discuss your ideas. We are a custom tattoo shop. Walk-ins are welcome. Black Water Tattoo and Design is dedicated to bringing you quality tattoo work and customer service that is second to none"


With 60 years of combined experience our team of artists are able to meet any challenge, in any style.









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Traditional American-Style Tattoos

Add new art to your skin with traditional American-style tattoos from Black Water Tattoo & Design. We provide bold color and bold lines in authentic designs ranging from the 1920s to modern times. These classic images never go out of style.

Traditional Japanese-Style Tattoos

Black Water Tattoo & Design also offers traditional Japanese-style tattoos in classic to modern styles. You can choose from our designs or you are always welcome to bring your own artwork for a more personalized tattoo. Furthermore, we offer tattoo services with bright color or in a black and gray style.

Photo-Realism Tattoos

Black Water Tattoo & Design is now offering photo realism tattooing, you can now get that one portrait you always desired or the image that just took your breath away, stop by and find out what we can do for you.

Neo-Traditional Tattoos

If you're interested in something classic but not old fashioned try out one of our artists for a Neo-traditional tattoo, we can do a new take, on an old style tattoo.

Cosmetic Tattoos

Eyebrows - Eyeliner - Tightline(lash enhancement) - Lip Line - Full Lip - Scar Camoflage

Educating our clientele

Black Water Tattoo & Design takes pride in informing and educating our public to the right way of our craft/trade no information is held back to why its is important to always keep a clean parlor/station to proper sterilizing procedures and especially after care of tattoos so that when you do decide to collect a piece of art on your body you will know how to care and protect yourself from any harm that you may incounter in everyday life.

Piercing Pricing

Eyebrow $50
Nostril $50
Nostril Jeweled $50
Septum $60
Lip $50
Snake Bites$80
Tongue Snake Bites $80
Cartilage $50
Ear Lobe $30
Ear Lobes $50
Industrial $80
Both Nipples $90
Navel $60
Navel Jeweled $60
Micro Dermal Body $50
Micro Dermal Face $55
Change Out$5
Change Out Below The Belt $20
Exotics (Deposits) $ varies by apt only$50


In order to get things started theres a couple things we need to get things rolling.

Build An Idea

Try to have an idea of a image you would like or envision in having.

Size of the piece

Having a size of the desired tattoo is really helpful when it comes down to getting your quote.

coloror greywash

Will you want color in your tattoo or greywash (black and white with various shades of grey.

where to get tattoo

Knowing where on your body you would like to get the art can sometimes make a difference in pricing the piece (arm tattoo would cost less than a tattoo on your ribs same size).

get a quote and book appoinment

Once we agree on idea, size, color and location we can quote you a price and get a deposit to set a day/ time to have your tattoo done(deposit depends on total of the desired tattoo)

come in and get your tattoo

Once your day comes you come to the shop and get your tattoo. Always remember to bring your ID with you.


For most designs, Black Water Tattoo & Design requires an in-person consult (special arrangements can be made for out-of-town clients). The best method is to e-mail the tattoo artist with a general description and some basic reference material attached. From there, they will contact you to arrange the in-person consult. A $100 deposit is taking during the consultation before any drawings are made, and the deposit is non-refundable. The deposit does go towards the total cost of the tattoo and is deducted from the final session of the tattoo.
An open mind, as well as any printed visual material that you think might be helpful. The printed imagery works as a guide to give Black Water Tattoo & Design an idea of what sort of style you are drawn to, so it does not have to be exactly what you want. Please be as precise as you can and have your thoughts organized. Although our staff love drawing, they do not have time to re-draw your image over and over again because there was a lack of communication.
Black Water Tattoo & Design does not send out artwork via e-mail. You will see your final tattoo design the day of the appointment. Any minor changes will be made that day. If major changes need to be made to the design, Black Water Tattoo & Design may choose to reschedule you. To avoid this, please be precise during your consultation to avoid any misunderstandings. If you change your mind about the tattoo design and wish to have an entirely new design drawn, your original deposit will be forfeited and you will be asked to leave another.
For one session tattoos Black Water Tattoo & Design is able to give a quote for the tattoo upfront. For larger, multi-session projects, Black Water Tattoo & Design charges strictly by the hour. It is nearly impossible to guess the cost of a tattoo via e-mail, so Black Water Tattoo & Design raraely produces estimates prior to the in-person consult.
Walk-in clients are welcomed, though Black Water Tattoo & Design can not guarantee that we have time for them everyday. Our scheduled clients take priority. If you want Black Water Tattoo & Design to do a small tattoo on a walk-in basis, you are best calling the shop at 703-527-8377 to see what availability is looking like for the day.


We love to hear from our clients. We value all comments, both positive and constructive. We understand that is the only way we can grow and improve. For any feedback or questions, please fill out the form below, give us a call or email us at

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